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If you are profitable, continue using it and pay us a 10% fee from the profits.

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First 3 months

  • ✓ Average Monthly Profit 3.9%
  • ✓ No charges or fees, no costs
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No fees, cancel anytime!

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Then 10% from profits

  • ✓ Average Monthly Profit 3.9%
  • ✓ 10% fee from your net profits
  • ✓ Pay at the end of the period
  • ✓ Fair for you, fair for us

10% fee

No payments in advance!

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Fair deal

Every 3 months, CarinaBot will request a 10% fee from the profits. This fee is what you pay us for using our robot.

You can pay the fee and continue using our robot, or you can ignore the fee and the robot will stop trading for you.

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