How it works?

How CarinaBot makes profits

Analyses markets

CarinaBot is connected to your account and non-stop analyse EUR/USD market in real-time.

Waits for an opportunity

Then it waits for a specific opportunity, a deviation between current price and derived price.

Trades automatically

CarinaBot trades automatically when it detects a deviation with high mathematical probability.

Derivation Mathematical Model

Trading strategy

Price vs derivation

CarinaBot compares current EUR/USD price with its own derivation (so called "derived price"), resulting from triangular model of other currency pairs and their combinations.

Usual market behaviour

Inner mathematical relations of currency pairs, as a linear fractional system, dictates the current EUR/USD price to move the most of the time up and down within a range of the derived price.

Profitable opportunity

From time to time (approximately 4-5x weekly) and only for a couple of seconds or minutes, there's a deviation on the market, and EUR/USD slips out of the usual balanced range of the expected derived price. This is the profitable opportunity CarinaBot is waiting for.

Making a profit

Opening the trade

Once when CarinaBot detects a profitable difference between current and expected derived price, it will automatically calculate optimal volume and open relevant BUY or SELL trade on your trading account to earn a profit from the price differences.

Closing the trade

Closing of the trade is fully automated too. In CarinaBot you can also see all the current and past trades, events, history and activities in real-time.

Automatically Derived Calculation

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