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About us

We are a group of traders and programmers with 11+ years of experience in trading on Forex. We have created CarinaBot for our own personal trading, and for fee only 10% from profits you can use CarinaBot too and enjoy the benefits of our fully automated profitable trading robot which is a product of several years of our research and development.

Is CarinaBot profitable?

Yes, it is. And you can easily see it by yourself. CarinaBot has very stable profitable performance. Check our own Live trading account and see yourself. The average profit when trading with CarinaBot is 3.9% monthly.

CarinaBot trades on our own Live trading account for more than 3 years. During good times as well as during bad times, CarinaBot always trades only in situations with a high mathematical probability of profit and generates a stable passive income of 3.9% monthly.

Click here to visit and see our Live trading account, history, profits, results, and all relevant and detailed statistics.

Click here to use our interactive online calculator. Check what profits you can expect with your specific investment when you will use CarinaBot.

Can CarinaBot make a loss?

Automated trading systems like CarinaBot are much more precise than human traders. And even the best trading system can make a mistake sometimes too. But the most important thing is, that CarinaBot makes profits much more often.

It's all just about math: CarinaBot waits for an opportunity with high mathematical probability of profit. And it opens only such trades, which have the highest chance to bring a profit. The success ratio in CarinaBot is about 80% which is really great, and it means that when CarinaBot makes 100, trades then 80 of them will bring a profit and 20 of them will make a small loss. And that's what real and profitable trading is all about - to have the statistics and math on your side, because that's what makes real and stable regular income anytime and whatever happens on global markets.

Click here to visit and see our Live trading account and see the results by yourself. As you can see, of course we have some small losses from time to time too. But the key factor is that much more often CarinaBot makes profits, and that's why our trading is so profitable.

Can I test it with no risk?

Yes. Try trading with CarinaBot to see its results on your own. It takes less than 5 minutes, and it costs you nothing to try.

Go to register here and get your own personal Forex trading account for free. You will automatically get LIVE account and DEMO account too.

  • LIVE account is your standard personal trading account where you can send your money and trade on global markets.
  • DEMO account already has demo-money on it. You can test the trading on markets without risking any real money.
  • Download and use CarinaBot and start trading on your DEMO account for several days. If it is profitable for you, then just switch to LIVE account and start making real money.

    What do I need to start?

    It takes less than 5 minutes. You will need:

    • Trading account (click here to register for free)
    • CarinaBot - follow the instructions here

    Add money to your trading account and keep CarinaBot running non-stop, uninterrupted, for at least several days. On average, CarinaBot makes approximately 1 trade per day.

    It costs you nothing to try, and it takes less than 5 minutes.

    What's the minimum amount to start with?

    There's no minimum amount. You can start with as much as $1 or $1Million.

    When trading on markets, you are using your money to open and close your trading positions. The more money you have on your account, the more volume for the trading position can be allocated as a trading margin, so it means a bigger profit you have from the resulting trade. Simply said, trading with CarinaBot makes on average 3.9% monthly profit. So it only depends, if you are making 3.9% monthly from $1 or from $1Million.

    Use our profits calculator to see what results you can expect when trading with CarinaBot.

    When and how can I withdraw my money?

    You can add and withdraw money to/from your account at any time and anywhere in the world.

    Your trading account is your private property. It's in your name and under your full control the same way as any other bank account for example. It is your personal choice how much money you want to keep on your account, how much money you want to trade with, or how much money you want to add or withdraw. At any time, you can add or withdraw money to/from your trading account as you wish.

    CarinaBot has no control over your account, and it can't initiate any withdrawals or transfers. CarinaBot can't send any money from your account anywhere, it's not technically possible, and it doesn't even have such permissions. CarinaBot can only do the automated trading for you.

    For more info see "What is API-Key and how it works?" and "Can someone access my money on my account?".

    Which markets does CarinaBot trade on?

    CarinaBot trades on EUR/USD only.

    CarinaBot is non-stop, connected to 26 major markets and currency pairs, analyses them and waits for a trading opportunity with a high mathematical probability of profit.

    Once, when a profitable opportunity occurs, CarinaBot automatically opens BUY or SELL trading position on your account and then also automatically closes the position after a couple of minutes and earns a profit on it.

    For more info see "How does the trading strategy work?".

    Does CarinaBot trade on other markets too?

    CarinaBot is designed for EUR/USD trading only, due to volatility attributes and relatively predictable factors of this market.

    EUR/USD is the easiest market for automated trading and for development of a successful and profitable automated strategy, because this market has some factors which others don’t.

    When creating a successful and profitable trading strategy, it is highly important to understand that each market like EUR/USD or GBP/JPY etc. has its own specifications. When you are trying to create really high-quality trading robot and achieve stable and sustainable profitability, then you have to choose one specific market only, and focus on the specific attributes of the chosen market.

    Don't try to create a general universal algorithm for everything, because you will only end up generating random and unpredictable trades on every possible market.

    Can someone access my money on my account?


    Your account is your private property and is under your full control. Only you can send money out from your account. To send money out, Torobase requires your login and password, and one-time PIN code sent to your email, so only you can do this procedure.

  • You will never give your login and password to CarinaBot. Only your API-Key and Secret, and these credentials don't have the required authority to initiate any withdrawals from your account.
  • CarinaBot or anybody else has no access to your email, so nobody can't access the one-time PIN code which is required when making a withdrawal.
  • CarinaBot can only do the automated trading for you, connected to your account with API-Key and Secret and automatically trade on your behalf as your personal experienced trader who knows when to BUY and when to SELL in purpose to make a profit.
  • For more info see "What is API-Key and how it works?" and "When and how can I withdraw my money?".

    How to see my trades, accounts, and balance?

    Go to Torobase.com, log in to your trading account using your login/email and password and see all of your trades at any time, your activities, history, balances, trading statistics, deposits and withdrawals, and everything else.

    Can I trade manually?

    Yes. Your trading account is your private property, and you can open and close any trades on any market anytime you wish.

    WARNING: While CarinaBot trades on your account, we highly recommend you not to trade manually on your account by yourself at the same time, because of possible conflicts between such trades. Your trades can interrupt the trades submitted and managed by CarinaBot during its life-cycle, its algorithms, and trading strategy and lead to a significant negative impact on your account. Trading on your account manually means that CarinaBot will detect new and unexpected trades on your account (which were not opened by CarinaBot itself) and this will cause incorrect leverage and margin calculations within the inner trading strategy of CarinaBot. Therefore, we recommend you to keep CarinaBot running on one separated trading account, and proceed with your manual trading on another separated trading account to avoid any possible conflicts between your manual trades and the trades opened and managed by CarinaBot.

    For more info see "How does the trading strategy work?".

    How does the trading strategy work?

    CarinaBot uses intelligent and very effective trading strategy based on mathematical triangular-modelling of expected EUR/USD prices, derived from combined currency pairs, in purpose to calculate current deviations on the market between mathematical model and current quotations.

    This analytical method non-stop calculates current deviations on EUR/USD market, which exists only for a couple of seconds or minutes, and which CarinaBot "hunts on". That's the main reason why CarinaBot is so successful, and more than 80% of trades are closed with a profit. CarinaBot basically hunts on arbitrage-like market deviations with short life-cycle.

    For a better understanding, let's use an analogy with a weather forecast:

    Using complex analytical and mathematical models, you can use current weather data (speed of wind, humidity, atmospheric pressure etc.), and calculate what the weather is going to be like in near future.

  • If you calculate a forecast for a couple of weeks or months, then there's a bigger chance you'll make a mistake.
  • If you calculate a forecast for a couple of hours only, then your results will be more likely correct and profitable.
  • CarinaBot "calculates the weather on EUR/USD market" by analyzing many other factors on many other currency pairs. Once, when CarinaBot detects a forecast with high mathematical probability, it automatically opens a trade (BUY or SELL EUR/USD) and generates a profit within couple of minutes.

    Check our own Live trading account. CarinaBot had made more than one thousand of trades for us in last 3 years and each of them was precise hunting on small price changes on the EUR/USD with short life-cycle (each of our trade took usually just several minutes).

    How is the trade amount (lots) calculated?

    CarinaBot can trade on your account even when the available trading balance is just 1 USD or 100k USD. CarinaBot automatically adjust its calculations of trading amount (lots) according to your available trading balance.

    When connected to your trading account, CarinaBot sees what’s the balance available on your account for trading, and it considers it into its calculations automatically every time when it opens a trade on your account.

    Let's see how the calculation works on an example:

    Example no. 1:
    Let’s say we have 500.000 USD balance on our trading account. And CarinaBot opens a trade “BUY 1.000.000 EUR on EURUSD” on our account. That’s 10 lots. And let’s say the trade will be closed later, with profit +1.000 USD.

    Now, let's see how CarinaBot opened exactly the same trade on your trading account where you have different available trading balance:

    Example no. 2:
    You have 250.000 USD balance on your trading account. CarinaBot opened a trade “BUY 500.000 EUR on EURUSD” on your account. That’s 5 lots. And the trade profit was only +500 USD.

    If you have an account with 2x lower available trading balance, then CarinaBot opens the same trades but using 2x lower trading amount (lots), which results in 2x resulting profit/loss. It’s just logical. If you have an account with 5x lower available trading balance, then CarinaBot opens the same trades but using 5x lower trading amount (lots) and the trade will be closed with 5x lower profit/loss.


    Let's say you have 5000x lower available trading balance on your account, then CarinaBot theoretically tries to open the same trade but using 5000x lower trading amount (lots). But, it's not possible to open such tiny trades, because Forex brokers have a minimum trade size (trading amount, lots) which they accept. If your account balance is too low, and CarinaBot tries to open a trade with too low amount (lots), which would not be accepted by your Forex broker, then it automatically uses min amount (lots) instead, which is 0,01 lot per each trade. In purpose to have CarinaBot trading with more lots, you just simply need to have more available trading balance on your trading account.

    Is CarinaBot available for Android / iOS too?

    Currently we are working on Android and iOS app version of our robot.

    It’s still under development, but we work on it very hard every day and hopefully by the end of the year 2022 it will be finished and CarinaBot will be available not only for your PC but for your Android and iOS too.

    In the meantime, if you don’t have a computer, you can rent a remote VPS computer from a datacenter for couple of dollars monthly. VPS is a personal computer in a remote datacenter. It’s your personal PC which is non-stop online and turned on, and you can access and control it from your phone. You can start CarinaBot on such remote private PC and keep it running non-stop, and it costs you just about $30 monthly.

    Does CarinaBot work on any random broker?

    CarinaBot needs to connect to broker's Open API / RESTful API trading technology (API = Application Programming Interface) to be able to do its complex and high-frequency calculations in real-time.

    Unfortunately, many brokers still didn't switch to these modern technology standards, and they still offer just old Metatrader for beginners. CarinaBot is professional algorithmic trading system, therefore it needs professional programming interface from a broker to be able to operate its trading algorithms. Therefore, it’s not compatible with any random broker but only with such brokers where Open API / RESTful API trading interface is already available to traders. Also, CarinaBot needs a high leverage for its trading.

    In the past years brokers slowly start to switch to these new Open API trading technologies. Hopefully, year by year the list of brokers where CarinaBot can operate will expand step by step. Unfortunately the development in this sector is still little slow, and it still can take some time for some brokers to invest and upgrade their systems.

    Can I switch between accounts?


  • Use CarinaBot on your DEMO or LIVE account
  • Switch between accounts anytime
  • Run multiple instances of CarinaBot app
  • Trade on multiple accounts simultaneously
  • You can run multiple instances of CarinaBot on your device and trade on multiple accounts.

    Can I change CarinaBot settings?

    CarinaBot is a complete and fully automated trading robot, with inner trading strategy and trading algorithms. It doesn't require you to do any special configuration or any special setup. It's ready to be used and trade for you the same way as it trades for us too.

    We constantly care about CarinaBot, the trading strategy and algorithms, and there's no need for you to change anything about the robot since you have automatic updates for free. Anytime when there's an update, you always get the update automatically, and you don't even need to do anything.

    What is API-Key and how it works?

    API-Key is limited access to your trading accounts with trading permissions only. When opening a new account in Torobase you automatically receive your trading API-Key by email.

  • It allows CarinaBot to connect to your trading account and do the trading for you.
  • It has no permission to initiate any withdrawals or transfers from your account.
  • You can create another API-Keys with limited functions as you need.
  • You can regulate specific permissions of your API-Keys and limit their functions and usage.
  • You can deactivate or delete any API-Key as you need, and it will immediately become unusable for anyone who has it.
  • See also "Can someone access my money on my account?".

    What should I do to earn profits?

    CarinaBot is fully automated. It means, CarinaBot scans the trading markets by itself, makes all decisions based on its inner trading strategy and algorithms by itself, and trades on your account automatically. The only thing you need to do is to start CarinaBot and keep it running and online (with internet connection). All the trading will be done by CarinaBot automatically by itself, and you can just enjoy the benefits of profitable automated trading. To learn more about what CarinaBot actually does and how it works, see "How does the trading strategy work?".

    Can I stop CarinaBot at any time?

    Yes. As long as CarinaBot is online, connected to your trading account and running, as long it is waiting and "hunting on" a profitable opportunity on the markets. For more info, see "How does the trading strategy work?".

    At any time, you can terminate the CarinaBot app, and it will immediately stop its trading activities.

    Do you take any commissions or fees?

    CarinaBot works for you automatically, without any payments or fees in advance. Then, after each 3 months, you will be asked to pay us 10% fee from your actual real net profits which CarinaBot has already earned for you on your trading account. This procedure repeats each 3 months. Basically it means, each 3 months we will automatically ask you to share with us 10% of your profits which you have earned thanks to our trading robot CarinaBot. You can pay the 10% fee and keep using CarinaBot for another period of 3 months, or, you can ignore the fee and CarinaBot will be automatically deactivated and not trading for you anymore.

  • You pay nothing in advance
  • Once in 3 months we will ask you for 10% only from the net profits which CarinaBot has earned for you on your trading account
  • Fair-play pricing. You pay for CarinaBot only when it makes you real profits
  • For more info see PRICING.

    How to pay the subscription?

    Each 3 months CarinaBot will automatically ask you to pay 10% fee from net profit which it has earned for you on your trading account. If you wish to keep using CarinaBot, proceed with the online payment instructions which CarinaBot will show you. If you decide to not pay the fee, CarinaBot will be automatically deactivated and not trading for you anymore.

    How is the subscription fee calculated?

    CarinaBot calculates the fee from all the trades which it has made on your trading account.

    Let’s say CarinaBot has traded the following trades on your account:

    • Trade 1 = Profit +850 USD
    • Trade 2 = Profit +780 USD
    • Trade 3 = Loss -600 USD
    • Trade 4 = Profit +970 USD

    Sum, total net profit = 850 + 780 - 600 + 970 = 2000 USD. Thanks to trading with automated trading robot CarinaBot, you have earned net profit 2000 USD on your trading account.

    CarinaBot calculates 10% from 2000 USD, which is 200 USD exactly. And this resulting number, 200 USD, that's the price for using CarinaBot.

    How to keep my CarinaBot updated?

    To keep CarinaBot updated, you don't need to do anything. Updates are fully automated and included. Anytime there's an update, you always get the update automatically.

    Let's start

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