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AI Auto-Trading Robot

Algorithmic trading with artificial intelligence (AI)

Algorithmic trading with artificial intelligence (AI)

What is CarinaBot

A software robot that trades for you. CarinaBot analyses markets and automatically trades on your account.

No access to your money

We are not an investment firm, and we don't ask for your money. You have your money on your own account.

Pay only when you profit

First 3 months for free. You will see how it works and whether you like it. NO PAYMENTS IN ADVANCE

Easy and automated

CarinaBot is suitable for beginners too. Connect it to your account, and it will automatically trade for you.

AI Intelligent Automated Software First 3 Months For Free

Results speak for themselves

Trading results

From Live account

CarinaBot trades on our Live account too

Real-time updates

All the trades are here in real-time

See our account

Go to our account and see by yourself

See our account

How It Works?

Automated AI-Trading Robot

Using artificial intelligence and triangular-modelling algorithms, CarinaBot predicts future EUR/USD price moves for period of several minutes. When a good opportunity occurs, CarinaBot trades it automatically and earns a profit on your account.

Fully Automated Analysis And Strategy

* CarinaBot can't make a withdrawal

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Live results

See our account where CarinaBot trades for more than 3 years already.

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Why To Try

Easy. Fair. Secure.

3 months for free

It costs nothing to try. No subscription, no credit card. Try DEMO or LIVE.

It's fully automated

No special skills required. CarinaBot trades for you fully automatically.

Pay only when you profit

You only share with us 10% when it has actually earned profits for you.

Safe and secure

CarinaBot only trades for you. It can't make any withdrawals or transfers.

Who can use it?

Improve your trading and become profitable

User Beginner
User Beginner Decoration
The best option for beginners

No previous experience or knowledge is needed. CarinaBot will trade for you automatically.


Trade without special skills

User Expert
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Diversify and increase profits

If you are already a trader and want to increase profits, CarinaBot is the solution.


Upgrade your profitability

User Manager
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Automate your portfolio

Use CarinaBot to provide trading services to your clients and take a fee from their profits.

Portfolio manager

Trade for your clients

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Try first 3 months for free. See CarinaBot performance and results yourself.